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Jenny Pagoni (b. 1989, Greece) is an artist and photographer who uses documentary photography to delve deep into unexplored territories of contemporary life. 


Her photographs, layered with texture and emotional depth, evoke a sense of dreams or distant memories, capturing an essence of human experience and vulnerability. Often rooted in Pagoni’s own experiences, memories, and the nostalgia of her Greek heritage, they offer a reflective window into psychological states and pivotal life periods. This makes her art not merely a momentary spectacle but a subject for prolonged contemplation, compelling viewers to consider their own histories and internal landscapes. Pagoni's term for her unique focus is "intimate chronology," a reflective counter-narrative to the sensationalism often found within mass-produced imagery.


Her series naturally evolve over time as she revisits their origins, emphasising observation and incorporating the power of revision and research to turn them into a rich visual testimony. In this way, Pagoni’s photographs serve as both lens and mirror, challenging us to observe the world more keenly while reflecting on our own complexities and contradictions. They invite the viewer to seek patterns, commonalities, and differences – offering visual depth in an age of surface and meaning in an era of noise.


Pagoni received a BFA in Fine Art & Photography from London Metropolitan University as well as an MA in Photojournalism from Spéos Photography School in Paris, and an MA in Cinematography from Met Film School in London.


She lives and works in London, UK.

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